Martens Classic Dr Flat Black Shoes 1461 PSqqUwxdE

From the moment I spoke to Shan I knew we were in good hands.

Our 11 month old daughter was the antidote to sleep! Her typical bedtime ranged from 8 to 11 PM with nap times completely unpredictable and varying in length. She also awoke for a feeding at least once a night which made her morning wake up time also very unpredictable. As a Mom of two planning on heading back to work in 5 weeks, I knew I needed to do something. I was desperate!From the moment I spoke to Shan I knew we were in good hands and my dream of a full night’s sleep were within reach! After sitting down with Shan to share our daughters typical schedule and unique likes and dislikes, she presented us with a very realistic plan. Shan supported us throughout the sleep training process, offering encouragement and guidance. I can’t say that it was easy hearing our daughter cry briefly, but the rewards were quickly realized and the tears short-lived.As a result,  I now have a 13 month old who follows a predictable daily routine, consistently sleeps through the night and is well rested and eager to participate in the day! Shan and Jammy Time were the answer to one of parenting’s greatest challenges and we are all now enjoying sweet dreams! Thanks again Shan!

Candice Olson, Calgary, AB

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    Martens Classic Dr Flat Black Shoes 1461 PSqqUwxdE Martens Classic Dr Flat Black Shoes 1461 PSqqUwxdE Martens Classic Dr Flat Black Shoes 1461 PSqqUwxdE Martens Classic Dr Flat Black Shoes 1461 PSqqUwxdE

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    Flat shoes by Dr Martens




    Dr Martens' boots and shoes define generations of rebel style and anti-fashion. With yellow welt stitching and an air-cushioned sole, each pair is chunky, durable and comfortable. Go for its iconic leather boots to complete just about any look, or stamp your individuality through bright colours and textured finishes. Strap yourself into its sandals for sunny toes-out days.


    Treat with a leather protector

    Keeps them looking fresher for longer


    Lining: 50% Real leather, 50% Textile, Sole: 100% Other materials, Upper part: 100% Real leather.